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Sun style internal arts is a collective term that refers to the system of Sun Style Xingyi, Bagua and Taiji (Tai Chi) created by the late Grandmaster Sun Lu Tang. Sun style gained her roots in Singapore when Grandmaster Hu Yun Hua first taught traditional Taijiquan (Tai Chi) in the early 70s. GM Hu was a student of Sun Lu Tang when she studied at Zhejiang Guoshu Association back in 1912. With her passing, the number of practitioners has dropped drastically since the 90s. Furthermore, only Sun style Taiji (Tai Chi) has been taught. The arts of Sun style Bagua and Xingyi are relatively unknown in Singapore, hence resulting in more people exposing to the new Sun style 73 steps competition form rather than the traditional 98 steps routine. The requirements for the competition differs significantly from that of the traditional. 

We aim to continue the Sun style legacy in Singapore by reintroducing traditional Sun style 98 steps Taijiquan (Tai Chi) as well as Sun style Bagua, Xingyi and their respective sword routines. Our forms were taught directly by Grandmaster Sun Wan Rong, granddaughter of Sun Lu Tang and daughter of Sun Cun Zhou to Master Ivan Ang. He is, as of current, the only person in Southeast Asia and few in the world outside China to teach the entire Sun style system. It is our wish to preserve the legacy of Sun Lu Tang's art and to benefit as many people as the founder himself would.

Four generations of Sun style bond
Lineage and Masters
Sun Lu Tang



Hailed as one of the greatest Chinese martial artists of the contemporary China, Sun Lu Tang is the creator of Sun style internal martial arts.


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Sun Wan Rong



Sun Wan Rong is the youngest daughter of Sun Cun Zhou and the current lineage holder of Sun style arts. She was former Head Competition and Professor at Beijing Sports University.

Sun Cun Zhou



Sun Cun Zhou is the second son of Sun Lu Tang. He is well known for his skills in combat, having to encounter different challenges throughout his life.

Sun Jian Yun



Sun Jian Yun is the daughter of Sun Lu Tang and the 2nd generation grandmaster of Sun style. She is mainly responsible for the significant spread of Sun style today.

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Ivan Ang



Ivan Ang is the founding chairman of Singapore Sun Style Internal Martial Arts Research Institute and the disciple of Grandmaster Sun Wan Rong. He is also one of the few instructors outside of China to teach all three arts of Sun style.

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