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Introduction to Sun Style Baguaquan

Sun Style Baguaquan was developed from He Luo mathematics, I-Ching and Nei Jing, the concept had a strong traditional Chinese culture embedded into the art. It is simple, beautiful and practical for the people of all ages.


The learning process can be divided into six steps;

1. Stance work. Including Wuji, San Ti, and walking stance.
2. Fixed Steps Walking (Single and Double Changing Palms)
3. Fixed Steps Eight Palms
4. Free Steps Eight Palms
5. Changing Palms (No fixations, arbitrary, improvised)
6. Sanshou


These six steps are especially important for beginners. If you have practised Xingyi with proper San Ti training, the process is faster. As Sun style arts emphasises the concept of "major weight", especially on the hind legs,  the practice is essential to ensure that the lower body moves smoothly.

GM Sun Jian Yun demonstrating Blue Dragon Turns its Body [青龙转身].

Demonstration of Sun Style Baguaquan


1. Main Palms and Changing Palms


2. Main Swords and Changing Swords


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