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Ivan Ang 洪添荣

Ivan is the 4th generation lineage holder along Sun Cun Zhou's line and the only overseas disciple of Grandmaster Sun Wan Rong.


He met his first martial arts teacher from Henan, China in 1990 where he was taught privately on Chen style basics, old form, single straight sword, broadsword, push hands and combat applications. Ivan started Sun style internal arts (Taiji, Bagua, and Xingyi) in 1995 gradually developing his skills in the three arts. He then furthered his study of Chen style under Chen style Master Lim Teck Hing in 2000.


Through the recommendations by friends in the martial arts circle, he later had the honour to learn Sun style internal arts privately under Grandmaster Sun Wan Rong, gaining the opportunity to learn authentic Sun style taiji, Sun style bagua and Sun style xingyi. Grandmaster Sun is the granddaughter of Sun style creator Sun Lu Tang. During his studies of Sun style arts in Beijing, he also had the privilege of being guided by Wu style Taijiquan grandmasters Gao Zhuang Fei and Zhang Wei Yi.


He is the current chairman of Singapore Sun Style Internal Martial Arts Research Association, a Taijiquan instructor teaching at Woodlands area in Singapore and a Wushu judge. Ivan is also one of the few teachers in the world outside of China to teach all three arts of the Sun style internal martial arts system, he has in recent years, received private students from Taiwan, US, Australia, Malaysia and France to learn Sun style arts.

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