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Sun Wan Rong 孙婉容

GM Sun Wan Rong is the 3rd generation of the Sun Family and a contemporary grandmaster of Traditional Sun Family Arts. A native of Wan County in Hebei Province, she was born in 1927 and had graduated from the Department of Sports in Beijing Normal University in 1951. She was formerly Director of Training and Competition, Associate Professor and an International Archery Judge with the Beijing Sports University prior to her retirement. 


As a member of the Sun family, GM Sun has been actively promoting the family arts and had co-authored books such as The Compilation of Sun Lu Tang's Martial Arts, Sun Style Taijiquan Competition Routine - Teach and Learn, etc with her elder sister GM Sun Shu Rong and younger brother GM Sun Bao Heng. She started to teach publicly since the early 80s. These include many beginners' and instructors' classes that were conducted in The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Sports University and Haidian District in Beijing, as well as conducting classes for groups or individuals from Japan, US and Germany. She has also made use of other times train enthusiasts from Sichuan, Henan, Guangxi and other parts of China. The students have gone on to achieve excellent results from competitions of all levels including champion at a national level competition.


Since 1990, she has been invited to as Director, Deputy Director, Honorary Chairman, Advisor and Chief Advisor of Sun Style related associations and research centres in Beijing and across the nation. GM Sun was invited as a guest lecturer for the 2nd Chinese Martial Arts Lectures to conduct a workshop on Sun Style Taijiquan and in the same year as the guest lecturer to South Korea for teaching and exchange. She was invited as teacher trainer to train teachers under Haidian District Martial Arts Association, continuing her passion for developing students and teaching martial arts enthusiasts. 


On 18th June 2012, in the spirit of developing martial arts culture and promoting Sun style arts further, Shunping County (Former Wan County) organised the inaugural Sun Style Taijiquan Exchange Meet and revived the Pu Yang Martial Arts Association, the association that was initially set up by Greatmaster Sun Lu Tang. GM Sun is the current chairman of the Association.


As of 2017, GM Sun has agreed to be the Chief Technical Advisor of Singapore Sun Style Martial Arts Research Institute upon the invitation of our chairman Master Ivan Ang. 

GM Sun Wan Rong demonstration as part of the non-tangible cultural heritage program
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