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Introduction to Sun Style Taijiquan

Sun Style Taijiquan is characterized by its distinctive forward, and backward steps, agile movements and a continuous flowing motion like water, every turn of the form are accompanied by the opening and closing hands.


The essential feature of Sun Style Taijiquan is the utilization of Xingyi's unification of interior and exterior and Bagua's unification of stillness and motion into taijiquan's state of harmony. The are no ups and downs, left and right, the agility of the movements ensure the centre of gravity is always changing.


From the beginning of the form till the end, all movements require the body to stay upright while maintaining the compactness and coherence of the form. This is so that the both inside and outside the body, can be developed holistically. Hence, it is important to follow the rules set to practice the form.


In short, Sun Style Taijiquan is a Chinese martial art of a gentle, slow boxing, with self-defence, fitness, health, and self-cultivation role. Sun Style Taijiquan combines the ideas of physical movement and that of intention to guide the movement of qi and make practitioners healthy and achieve longevity.

GM Sun Wan Rong demonstrating The Study of Brush Knees [搂膝拗步学].

Demonstration of Sun Style Taijiquan


1. 35 Steps Taijiquan


2. Taijiquan


3. San Cai Sword


4. San Cai Sword Pair Form


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