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Sun Cun Zhou 孙存周

Sun Cunzhou, the second son of Sun Lutang, was born with the name Huanwen and the nickname Er Ke. He is widely known as the "Quan Sheng" (Fist Saint) and is the foremost expert in martial arts. Since childhood, he adhered to family teachings,  showing both sensitivity and a love for learning. He deeply grasped the essence of Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua, and other martial arts, gaining particular fame for his martial prowess. Excelling in both literary and martial arts, he dedicated himself to rigorous training at the age of 16 and mastered the essentials of his family's martial arts in three years.

Renowned martial artist Chu Guiting, praised Sun Cunzhou's unparalleled martial skills and unique techniques, acknowledging that no one of his time could surpass him. Throughout his life, Sun Cunzhou remained dedicated to martial arts, valued chivalry, and distanced himself from excessive fame. He seamlessly integrated the pursuits of both scholarship and swordsmanship, emphasizing the importance of principle over personal gain. His lifelong commitment to the study of martial arts, coupled with his carefree and selfless spirit, inspired future generations.

Sun Cunzhou was known for his simplicity, natural demeanour, humour, and extensive knowledge. He had a refined taste for poetry, literature, music, and art, particularly excelling in landscape painting with a focus on pine and cypress trees, reflecting his inner qualities.

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