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​Sun Style Xingyi

Sun Lu Tang's System of Internal Martial Arts

Xingyiquan, Baguaquan and Taijiquan are the three pillars of internal martial arts of the modern world. At a time of chaos in the late 18th century, Sun Lu Tang was born to a simple family. He began his training of Xingyiquan at a young age and further his studies in Baguaquan and in his fifties into Taijiquan. He was credited in history for unifying the three arts into one with I-Ching as its theoretical basis. His system of internal martial arts came to known as Sun Style Internal martial arts and has a profound impact spreading across martial arts, philosophy, literature and others.

As one of the rare centers outside China specialising in Sun Style Internal Martial Arts, we bring to you only authentic arts and training methods. Our class are conducted in both English and in Chinese. For the promotion of the arts, we have travelled intensively to teach both in Singapore and abroad. If you're interested in our classes or wants to host us in your country, talk to us to find out more. 

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