​New Xingyiquan Class (Elementary)

Good day everyone. We will start our 3rd run of Sun Style Xingyiquan (5 elements) on February 23rd. The five elements form is the elementary and foundation form of Sun style arts.

The content coverage includes:
1. 5 Elements (Pi, Beng, Zuan, Pao, Heng)
2. 5 Elements Link Form (Flowing form of the five elements)
3. 5 Elements Pair Practice (Creation and Destruction based on the elements)

A total of 16 lessons, each of an hour on Saturday evening. We welcome everyone with or without martial arts background to join us. For fees and more information, please kindly contact Master Ang at 9478 6546 or admin@singaporesunstyle.org. We look forward to seeing you!


新加坡孫氏内家拳研究會將於二月份開辦第三期的孫氏形意拳 - 五行拳 (基礎)班。五行拳為孫家拳的母拳,是學習孫氏形意拳的基本拳法。

1. 五行拳(劈,崩,鑚,炮,橫)
2. 五行連環拳(五拳合一練習)
3. 五行炮(五行拆解練習)

課程分16節課,每逢周六旁晚一小時。歡迎有無武術經驗的朋友參加學習。欲知學費等事宜,請致電9478 6546 或電郵 admin@singaporesunstyle.org 聯絡洪添榮老師。到時見!

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